5 Simple Ways To Strengthen Your Faith

1. Admit that you can not do everything by your own.

To get closer to Allah, you have to admit that you need Him in your life. You need His will and guidance. Admitting that you can’t do everything by your own is a great way to adapt humility in your life and it is a great way of submitting yourself to Allah, trusting the plans of Allah, and believing that everything that Allah wills is what is best for you.

2. Put yourself away from harmful people.

One of the biggest hindrance to strengthening your faith is committing yourself to people who will pull you away from Allah. Whether those people are your friends, classmates or co-workers, staying away from them will give you the space to fix your faith in Allah and to to get closer to Him. If you surround yourself with harmful people, you will find no time in strengthening your faith in Allah. But, if you surround yourself with people with the same aim, which is getting closer to Allah, together you are not just building friendships for the sake of Allah but striving to follow the path to Allah.

If you find it difficult to distinguish who are those people you should befriend and welcome in your life, read this article What you need in a true friend?

3. Be grateful of what you have

Recently, I read 5 practical tips on being grateful to Allah and realized more how blessed I am. I wrote several blog posts about how being grateful and embracing one’s uniqueness will lead to a happier life because I believe it and I apply it in my life. Looking at other people’s life will make you ignore the blessings you’ve been receiving. So, stop comparing yourself with the life of others and focus on your life. Remember the great memories you had, and realize the smallest to biggest blessing you received that you haven’t noticed, and start thanking Allah for everything – for giving you the deen, the family, and the basic things you need. Be reminded that two persons won’t be the same, so expecting your life to be like someone else will just disappoint you. Instead, embrace your uniqueness and from that write your own story.

4. Plug in yourself to things that will lead you closer to Allah

Going to masjid, attending Islamic seminars, or learning together with others will help you on your journey to Allah. Get plugged to things and people that will influence you positively, will lead you to good things, and will accompany you along your way in strengthening your faith. They will also encourage and motivate you to keep going during times you feel like giving up. Be with those kind of company.

If you have children, the best thing you could give to your children is a great foundation which is Islam. At an early age, encourage them to visit masjid, to socialize with their fellow young Muslims, to study the deen and live according to the sunnah.

5. Read and understand Qur’an on a daily basis.

Reading the Qur’an will make things a lot easier for you. It is your key and solution to everything. On a daily basis, read a page and understand its meaning. If you are non-native Arabic speaker, don’t rely on just one translated book. Research from different versions with different translators, so you will understand more. Whether you are listening the tafseer, or reading it, Qur’an is what will build a foundation for your faith in Allah. Write down notes and study it often. When you read Qur’an on a daily basis, it will transform you from the inside out and will help you in all the things you’re doing in your life. Take note that whatever your problems are, you can find solution from the Qur’an so be close to it for in it are the words of Allah.

6. Make your Salah your top priority.

If you don’t pray, you are disconnecting from Allah and when you don’t have the connection to Him, you are then unplugged from everything. If you are claiming yourself as a Muslim but you don’t pray, then it is worse than claiming that you are alive when you are not breathing. Prayer is your connection to Allah, and it is where you converse to Allah. Make it your top priority and you’ll gain more than this dunya, for what you gain is the pleasure of Allah.

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Najmah is a 23 year old Filipino Muslim, Clinical Nutritionist, Med student and Writer. Born and raised in Saudi Arabia. Living in the Philippines since 2010. She is the founder of The Muslim Bricks. You can also find her blogging on her personal blog.By Najmah is her personal blog that contains posts about her life lessons, Islamic reflections, personal excellence and journey to becoming a doctor.

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  1. Firdausi Nadya

    Assalamualaikum Sister Najmah.
    Glad you are back :))
    I really miss your writing. Thanks a lot for giving the reminder here. May Allah bless you and your family.
    Sis, if you don’t mind, can you write a post about music? I believe that it is haraam but I find it hard to completely stop listening to it.
    Thank you 🙂

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