Category: Society

  • Muslims And Self-Esteem Crisis

    Only in Islam should we get our dignity and honor and only in Islam should we base the definition of beauty and success. We should eradicate these false thoughts that beauty is by the waistline a girl has or by the cosmetics she wear. These are being taught in everywhere -- magazines, TV, internet, etc but we can't see these from Qur'an, our authentic guidance. Qur'an doesn't tell us to be skinny and get some thigh gap or collar bones. If we detach ourselves from what is not Islam, we will earn our genuine self-esteem. We need self esteem and confidence to feel good about ourselves so we can be effective in everything we do which will benefit us. However, be reminded that we should humble ourselves and we shouldn't be filled with arrogance and self-centeredness which we can get from having high self-esteem.

  • Issues Underneath The Veil

    The women of Islam are blessed to have Hijab, it protects them in so many ways and it makes them feel the respect they deserve. But, there are issues that the Hijab can’t protect them with. They are covered, respected and protected but underneath their veils are stories they cannot express. Insecurities, pessimism, negative body image, unspoken desires and unhealthy habits are stories they hide within them and sometimes these are what murder them silently.

  • The Racist Minds

    Another type of racism that severely infects our society is seeing black people as different. For centuries, they have been told that they are inferior and that they do not belong while the world is worshiping the idea of whiteness. White has been an image of purity and a representation of divinity. Although the media represents white as beautiful, it does not mean that black can’t represent beauty nor does white can’t contribute evil. Unfortunately, the powerful media can promote false beliefs easily.....