Faking Beauty 101: The Art Of Distorting

Who does not want to look sizzling hot like those cover girls on cosmo or seventeen? Who does not want to have a skinny physique like those super models on ramp at Victoria’s Secret fashion show? Who does not want to be featured on top 100 sexiest women of the world? Who does not want to be attention magnet like those we see on ads? Of course it’s always a satisfying feeling to receive compliments and feel good but it should be for being natural. I see only one factor behind while asking all these questions.. Media.

No doubt media gave us a different view of beauty.  A beauty that is made out from their creative imagination which they express through media. Unfortunately, media became our source of guidance in terms of lifestyle. We act according to what we see on TV, we dress how the celebrities do, we talk like them, it’s all according the latest trends media says.

To support or take advantage with the rise of media and its effect on every evidence of existence here on earth, the internet and modern technology supported this perspective they try to build in every young lady’s mind. A “beauty” that is which is only acceptable by the society. Due to this strong collaboration, the weak human minds are being disturbed.

Here comes the rise of young ladies eagerly want to look like the celebrities, and be able to wear all the clothes fashionistas wear. Some just wish they could while some are too obsessed that they believe they need to. And so a lot of ways paved way to this idea of being beautiful.

Plastic Surgery

There’s a huge transformation plastic and weight loss surgery has now. It has a lot to offer also from major to minor surgeries. The society has become open-minded when it comes to this idea. If decades ago, people undergoing such surgery hide it as if it is a major crime – in today’s society, people are quite showy when it comes to this. It’s the age of everyone-must-be-beautiful-as-how-the-society-wants anyway. So there’s already a vast number of people undergoing surgeries for the sake of beauty.

Non-Surgical Procedures

To those who are scared to undergo surgeries, no problem. The technology and the scientists discovered something for the cowards to still be able to apply drastic change on their body. Their great zeal to innovate the world and their dedication to make everyone beautiful made them create such invention. Non-surgical procedures can now change the look of your nose, your eyes, and even lose your belly fat without undergoing bloody surgery.

Unhealthy Way Of Losing Weight

No doubt why females tend to undergo crash diets for the sake of losing weight even the few fats they carry around their belly and thighs. The ramp models who become their role models when it comes to beauty and being a woman became their inspiration and motivation to do crap things in order to look like them. Here comes the rise of crash diets formula, miracle diet pills and thinpirational videos and sites that support them. But these will not make any good result rather will just worsen the situation. That’s why there’s this rise of anorexia and bulimia issues, it’s all because of the wrong influence.

Photoediting Skills

Thanks to these apps for saving many young ladies from undergoing insane procedures. They can make the being-beautiful dreams possible without risking lives under knives. Photoshop, picnic, and rebbit are just few of the popular apps that allow virtual surgery. These apps can make you look 20 kg lighter and 5times fairer. It’s all because of the power of editing.

Ladies, let us never forget that confidence is the key to feel beautiful. If you learn to accept that skin you are in, happiness will follow. Allow yourself to define your own definition of natural beauty and remember its importance as you continue to live. Also, be generous in complimenting others because in that way they’ll feel really beautiful themselves. They ought to because they really are. It’s okay to admire the beauty of your folks but do not feel less beautiful than they are as you are lovely in your own way.

It’s not easy, I know. There’s always these hidden voices screeching on your mind saying you ought to do that and be like that. It’s difficult to fight against these factors that make you feel not beautiful enough to be grateful. But, taking one step in a day toward self-acceptance and self-love you will make it.

Najmah is a Clinical Nutritionist, Med student and Writer. She is the founder of The Muslim Bricks. You can also find her blogging on her blog, By Najmah, where she writes about wellness, personal excellence, and her journey to white coat.

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  1. White Pearl

    I Love this article…though many of the girl’s answer to these questions would be yes…My answer will always be a big NO ! Looks are always deceiving…. Beauty is inside us not outside and I have never been an admirer of outside beauty…. Love what you have written !

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