The Racist Minds

Africans are too dark, Asians are too pale, Americans are too white. These are just examples of how judgments about others are expressed in a negative way as if being such is a curse. We are too infected with stereotypical racism that generalizes a culture, tribe, or religion. Upon seeing a black thief, all black people will be considered thieves. Upon seeing an Asian prostitute, all Asians will be considered prostitutes. Upon seeing an alcoholic American, all Americans will be considered alcoholics. Upon seeing a Middle Eastern murderer, all Middle Eastern people will be considered murderers. We take a person from a specific race an image of the entirety of his/her race.

Another type of racism that severely infects our society is seeing black people as different. For centuries, they have been told that they are inferior and that they do not belong while the world is worshiping the idea of whiteness. White has been an image of purity and a representation of divinity. Although the media represents white as beautiful, it does not mean that black can’t represent beauty nor does white can’t contribute evil. Unfortunately, the powerful media can promote false beliefs easily. Looking at the magazines, we may see features, usually European or American, which are white. Media uses them as the perfect model for beauty and so the society sees it that way.

We can see how most people compete to this ideology of whiteness. Some spend too much to attain that whiteness which the society approves to be beautiful. Some will even drastically distort their natural beauty just to look like those models we see on TV and magazines as if being not white is not beautiful. It is so sad to watch people lose their self-esteem and try hard and do everything whatever it takes to change themselves just to fit in. The color of the skin should never make someone feel inferior. It will never tell how good and competent a person is.

There are many kinds of racism that our society is sick with. All of us may have experienced a form of racism due to the differences in color, belief, culture, religion and tradition. Racism will continuously exist. If we can not change the racists, let’s change ourselves instead. We must stop putting the blame to others and start appreciating ourselves whatever other people say. There is no color of the skin which is supreme than the other. There is no nationality which is better than the other. Neither white is better than black nor black is better than white. So, Instead of dividing ourselves based on our differences, we should unite ourselves based on our similarities such as the color of our skeleton, brain, heart and blood. We are all the same human beings.

Actually, there is already a positive change when it comes to racism. We can see that people from any color and faith are now given the chance and freedom to be competent globally. We just have to continuously make our world better by fixing racism more as there are groups of people who still suffer from this. To cure this, we have to admit that everyone has a race and possesses differences. Let’s not make our differences be the hindrance to fix our humanity. We can always step forward together without making the other one flop. We should listen to others, educate ourselves and appreciate the beauty of our differences. We can stand together in one row if we allow it. Love one another through respect and care. Use love as the tool to fix racism because love is not racist.

Najmah is a Clinical Nutritionist, Med student and Writer. She is the founder of The Muslim Bricks. You can also find her blogging on her blog, By Najmah, where she writes about wellness, personal excellence, and her journey to white coat.

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  1. Zanib Mian

    A wealth of thought provoking and informative reads here! I have been meaning to check it out since you left a comment on one of my blogs. I especially connect with this post, as trying to conquer racism by representing children of all races is books is my job day in and day out! Look forward to reading more..! (

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