Bring Out The Talents Of The Youth

One common problem that the youth have is Identity Crisis. They are confused of who they are due to the voices they hear from people around them such as their families and friends. They are being dictated to be like others, to do that, to do this, etc. Most of the youth are given no right to decide for their own. In most cases, the youth are being compared by their parents to others who they think are epitomes of success. Thus, the youth lose the confidence to be themselves and start comparing themselves to others. They do several things, engage to a lot of activities, try out new things, talk to different people, imitate what others do, but still at the end of the day they feel incomplete, they feel as if something is missing, they feel unreal. As they mold themselves by chasing the life of others, they lose the chances to know the uniqueness of themselves and to activate the talents they have within them.

Our youth will not excel, if they are deprived of their right to discover their inner talents. Our youth should always be given a chance to be themselves and to activate their talents through support, education, and training.

Family is the strongest force that influence our youth. The pair of parents plays an important role in molding the personalities of the youth. They are the youth’s guidance, adviser and support. The parents should not force their children to adapt talents that they can never be good at and chase careers that they never wished to have rather parents should support their children to discover and practice their talents. Parents should not compare their children to others and they should accept the fact that every person has his own role in this world. Some are meant to be doctors, engineers, pharmacists, nurses, while some are meant to be athletes, painters, writers, designers. If they are forced to be someone they are not, they will never gain genuine success in this world. Receiving a support from a family is one of the great tool that the youth can have to begin discovering their talents.

Education is a process of bringing out the talents of the youth. Our youth should not be deprived of their right to education. Before school, home is the place where our youth learn their firsts – first sight, first smile, first crawl, first step, first speech, etc. School is an institution to further educate the youth. In school, they are taught to boost the inner talents they have inside them. During this process, the youth  discover, identify, and activate their inner talents. College is the crucial part of formal education, it is the level of choosing a program or course that the youth want to see themselves excel with. If the youth are not given the right to choose the program or course for themselves, the youth will not be able to have 100% enthusiasm in learning. It is important that the youth choose a course they want for themselves, because it will boost their development and mold their unique personality. Additionally, continuous training will excel the talents of the youth. In time, their talents will have a positive impact in our society.

Discovering one’s self is a continuous process. There’s no end in discovering talents, and acquiring them. Usually, new sets of talents are discovered along the process and that is what self-development should be. Let the youth be themselves, and let them grow as individuals that are unique. Don’t let them be preoccupied by thoughts that they are not good enough, or that they are less than others.

We will have a better world, if the youth bring out themselves confidently and if they stop hiding behind some other people’s lives. So, let them be them.

Najmah is a 23 year old Filipino Muslim, Clinical Nutritionist, Med student and Writer. Born and raised in Saudi Arabia. Living in the Philippines since 2010. She is the founder of The Muslim Bricks. You can also find her blogging on her personal blog.By Najmah is her personal blog that contains posts about her life lessons, Islamic reflections, personal excellence and journey to becoming a doctor.

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