Just A Glimpse Back from Ramadan to Ramadan

Time flies so fast. Another year has passed and the precious month Ramadan has arrived. We are all blessed to witness another Ramadan. May Allah allow us to live through this Ramadan completely. Today, I am reminded that I started this blog last June 2013 and it was also Ramadan. My first post about Ramadan was “A Ramadan Reminder: Losing weight or gaining Taqwa?” Within a year, I have posted almost 120 blog posts on The Muslim Bricks. Those posts served not only to share with the readers but firstly as a reminder and lesson to myself. Looking back at the months that passed, a lot have happened. From the change of my location to the daily lifestyle I have. Everything seems to be different. I am glad to have been given the opportunity to write anything I have in mind through this blog wherever I am and whatever situation I am in.

I started The Muslim Bricks when I found myself posting about Islam and the Muslim society on my personal blog  (deleted) where I usually post about  movies, novels, music, arts and my daily life. I owned such blog for almost 5 years when I suddenly realized that those kind of posts aren’t what I really want to write about. I came out with the idea of creating The Muslim Bricks and there it all began. The Muslim Bricks paved way for me to change my heart and continuously seek for knowledge. It became a means for me to become better each day. It is fascinating how Allah SWT guides those whom He wills.

Another Ramadan is with us. We are given another chance to make use of this month. It is a very blessed month that we find ourselves capable to do the things we find very difficult during the ordinary months. The change in our sleeping and eating patterns and the long standing in taraweeh prayers every night while we are also working and studying are challenging for many of us outside Ramadan. However, the tranquility and lightness this month brings us make it easy for us to do them. Furthermore, Ramadan is a blessed month that gives us the opportunity to soften our hearts.

It’s been a year that I blog on The Muslim Bricks and I will take this chance to clarify that I am just a seeker of knowledge so if there is an error you see in whatever I am writing consider it as my mistake and not an error in my religion for I am a human who commits error. Islam is perfect, Muslims are not. Also, if I have hurt anyone of you through my writing or got insulted please do forgive me for I need your forgiveness before Allah SWT forgive me.

Let’s make this Ramadan our best Ramadan. This one is here with us but no one knows who among us will be able to witness the next Ramadan. So live it as if it is our last. Let’s include our brothers and sisters across the world in our prayer especially those who are currently suffering from discrimination and difficulty. May Allah SWT make it easy for them. I, Najmah Bint Nasr,  greet you all wonderful souls, Ramadan Kareem.

Najmah is a Clinical Nutritionist, Med student and Writer. She is the founder of The Muslim Bricks. You can also find her blogging on her blog, By Najmah, where she writes about wellness, personal excellence, and her journey to white coat.

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