“Happy Halloween”: Shirk Or Treat?


Yesterday was a very tiring day at the university but personally I was so excited because I’d have holidays after that. No classes from Friday to Sunday because of Halloween parties, and all-saints day. Traditionally people in my country go to the death family members every November 1 so my university announced that there would be no classes to consider those who will be going to their provinces. Other than that, we were invited to attend the Halloween party held by the student council organization in my univ. My facebook feeds are full of selfies (and groufies) of Halloween costumed peeps. It’s really Halloween time.

I went home from the university and spent my evening as how I usually do and when the night came in, here came the scary tunes being played everywhere. They’re trying to make the place holloweeny (if there’s such word). I was in malls these past few days, and saw that the Halloween theme are on everywhere. Holloween parties everywhere. But, it’s not new for me. I know that they celebrate this kind of days. But what surprise me is to see Muslim people who are actually celebrating it too. They said it’s just for fun, when they can actually have fun and enjoy anytime of the week. Why during Halloween?

Foreign influence to Muslim youth has been increasing in today’s time. Many of the youth imitates foreign celebrities, practices, fashion and lifestyles making them forget the Sunnah, and teachings of Islam. From Valentine’s Day to New Year’s Eve, our youth engage to celebrations that are discouraged in Islam. Although the pagan history of these practices is known, still many of our youth practice these which won’t bring any good to them.

Halloween is approaching. It is a day in the year when children involve to trick-or-treating as traditional activity. They will be in costumes attending scary parties, visiting haunted houses, and engage to fortune telling or dark activities. These are all strictly prohibited in Islam. They are forms of shirk which is upon committing it will prohibit them from entering Jannah.

I know no one of us is perfect, but atleast we should bre aware of these kind of things. We aren’t allowed to celebrate birthdays, but we can reflect during our birthdays and thank Allah (SWT) for all the blessings he’s been giving for all the years and ask forgiveness for you know that you are going closer to your grave. We shouldn’t celebrate valentine’s day, it has pagan history also and everyday is a lovely day to share with your loved ones. And please Halloween is the worst thing to participate on.  Maybe you see it fun, but if you

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