When You Are Feeling Low, Remember This!

In our day-to-day lives, we get into variety of situations and we find some of those difficult for us to face. Sometimes our motivation falls off and it greatly affects our thinking and actions. However, It is normal to feel low sometimes because we are human beings who are capable to feel different emotions and react to situations beyond our control. But, we can do something to gain the hope and strength to face the daily challenges we have to encounter and to keep our faith stronger. We just have to always remember some of the things that our Almighty has promised us.

“So remember Me; I will remember you.” (2:152)

The doors to speak to Him are always open and we always have that chance through salah ( daily prayers), dhikr ( remembrance) and dua (supplication). Indeed, if we always put Him in remembrance surely we will also be remembered.

If you are grateful, I will give you more” (14:7)

We are blessed. But are we thankful? Are we just praying just to ask something from Him? Always be grateful to Him for both the little and big things He has been giving us. The ability to breathe clean air, eat healthy food and read this online are some of the simple yet big things that we are blessed to have. Just be reminded that some people are struggling just to have what we have now.

“Call upon Me; I will respond to you.” (40:60)

We are given the strongest tools to speak to Him. We have the daily prayers, the Quran and the ability to do unlimited Dua. Allah (swt) always hears us 24/7 but it is us who are losing the faith to ask Him. Perhaps because we are losing the hope that He will respond to our call. But, He always hears us and responds right away to whatever we ask Him. Our minds are only expecting the answers we want to see so our minds are not open to see His response. Remember that answers aren’t always Yes. It can be Later or No. He knows best while we don’t, so trust Him.

“Those who believe and work righteousness, your Lord will guide them, because of their faith” (10:9)

Live rightly in accordance to Islam. Do good, be kind and spend rightly then everything will be alright. Allah (swt) will always guide those who are righteous so be among them.

Najmah is a Clinical Nutritionist, Med student and Writer. She is the founder of The Muslim Bricks. You can also find her blogging on her blog, By Najmah, where she writes about wellness, personal excellence, and her journey to white coat.

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